Friday, July 6, 2012


First thing first..
I always feel this awkwardness when it comes to the first post.
As you can all read in my profile and stuff, this blog was created to be my bowl where i can put everything in it. I mean, there are so much things in this world that looks soooo interesting to me.
Art, food, history, culture, photography, and fashion, and stuff..
So literally, yes, i need a bowl of salad to put this mixed up things up :')
And further more, i pretty much believe that this blog will be used to keep me sane as well
Because you see, i'm not crazy enough to be put at a rehab, and to be honest i'm not that sane enough either
But oh well, sane or insane, i still as sweet as your sweets and as bitter as your dark chocolate.
So judge me, love me, hate me, talkback me, i know that you still care about me ;;)

take care and have fun out there!
bubayyyyy ;;)

ps : i'm super duper mega electron for my bad grammar heeeheee

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