Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ink Time! B{3

So, yesterday evening i did some temporary ink back at my home.
it was a huge success by the way ;) the ink stuff. my brothers used to say that inking is an addiction, and never once i buy their words--- till yesterday. 
to be honest, i just can't wait to add another and another ink to my body :''')

So these are my newest ink :33
It spelled credo. It is Latin word for believe..
You see, i never saw myself as a believer. I'm too cynical and sceptic for every little things in my life.
Even my mom and dad always told me that i was a way-too-stubborn-kiddo..
well, i just can't help it, can i?

I know it's a little bit too hard to see but i wrote
"strange is relative"
the same sentence that i used as my tagline.
I got this sentence from @disneyquotes4u when it posted some Alice in Wonderland quotes
fyi, i LOVED Alice in Wonderland since i was a kid
I just fell in love at the first watch when i saw her wonderland, the cheshire cat, mr caterpillar, and obviously the infamous mad hatter!
And the reason why i chose this line was because
many people always said that i'm weird and strange just because i like things that normally people don't, and i don't easily accept the way everyone think and think with my own way instead..
Sometimes i asked myself why do people can be so easily judge someone else just because they do and think differently with the normally people do?
don't you think that strange is relative?

Giordano diy cropped tee ; Body and Soul short pant ; unbranded brown belt
Black-lens round retro sunglasses shades from Hippies

Well that's all for tonight ;;)
If you want to know how to make diy temporary tattoo, just let me know by drop me a comment below :)
I will gladly to give the step by step!

good night and sleep well!

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