Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now and Then

Bonjour Strangers!
Long time no chatty bloggy bloggy didn't we?

First of all,
I want to spread the super happy news!
I finally won the cute top from bainmarie giveaway
the super cute moustache ring from idekuhandmade featuring achter8 giveaway!!
It's just that I never won any giveaway before, so won this two giveaway really mean something for me..
and above of all, the giveaway are really cute too!
So thank you idekuhandmade, achter8, and bainmarie for gave me the giveaway :)

So yesterday I re-watched some of my all time favourite movies from the 90es
First I watched Now and Then from 1995 
(I have no link for the full movies but if you do want to watch it and i super duper recommend it, you can find it in here :))
and the second one was It Takes Two cast by super cute Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen :))

The first thing I realized when I re-watched it was how similar their outfit with nowadays people wear
Here are the screenshot I took while watching it
The last following screenshot actually was one of my faves scene
grandma rules the Chevy hell yeaaa! :333
And etc etc etc..
I think these are just a few examples of the infamous fashion recycling pase
So what do you think? 
Don't you think that nowadays trend is actually filled by our grandma's and grandpa's wardrobe with a little additional topping here and there?
because for me, it's a yes :))
That's why, I think we need to treasure every single thing that we have now, cos we will never know that it might be turn into something huge and big in ten or twenty years later.

Once again I super duper highly recommend you all to watch the movies I mentioned before, you know, Now and Then and It Takes Two
Honestly I think that's how friendship movie supposed to be
furthermore, watched It Takes Two really make me miss the old Disney Channel
so yeah, I'll put the trailer from Now and Then below

Source : Youtube

So that's it for tonight,
I superduper thank you all for reading my post, hope you do well and 
nighty night Strangers!


ps ::
again and again, forgive me for my very bad grammar
:)) x


  1. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a $100 SheInside giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

    1. Thank you :)) really appreciate it!
      Cool, gonna check it right away :))