Sunday, July 8, 2012


entah ini lagi trend atau ngga, yang pasti skarang orang2 lagi suka bilang gw bocah yang telat gedenya. and it simply dikarenakan baru suka sama yang namanya kutek, belanja, sale, tatoo and all the other girl stuff that they like to do in their teens. dan gw baru ngelakuin itu smua di usia gw yang hampir 22.
yes im that old. ha ha ha.
it's not that i don't know fashion, i don't know the girly stuff and other. mungkin fase centil gw memang baru dimulai pas umur gw udah di ujung tanduk. istilahnya, kalau gw inget2 jaman gw sekolah dulu, gw malah rada tralu cepet dewasa kali ya. due to all of my problems, my relation with the others, family stuff, semacam saat itu di saat yang lain ngjalanin fase centilnya, gw dituntut buat think beyond that girly age.
dan setelah gw udah lebih tua dan lebih engg steady dengan keadaan gw sekarang,
i revenge
i do stuff i like, or i wish i do it in my youth back then, and i learn not to listen to all my haters, thinkin that why should i care about what they say when the very last thing they want to see is definitely the better me, and yeah, all of that stuff.
and, i do feel great. i feel cool, i feel great, i feel free, and above of all, i'm absolutely happy. :)
i don't really care whether these are too late for me and whatnot, but i do feel that right now is actually the perfect time for all of these.
because you see, before the owl could open his eyes (i don't even know where the line came from), gw udah harus kerja and do all that boring stuff!
so why dont we party rockin for a bit? :p

have a shufflin rockin night strangers! ;;)

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