Saturday, July 14, 2012


Helloo vampires! ;;) 
Seems like it's been years ago since my last post, but well, apparently, I was stuck with this, that, and this, and I didn't have enough time for blog so I'm sorry ;;) 
Alrite', enough with the prologue :p

So yesterday I was with my bf and stuck inside his studio- his playground closet to be exact. :p
There are so many music instruments there but sadly I couldn't play any of that. Well, I can play keyboard and guitar a little bit, but lets just say music was not my ground

So I was thinking what should I do with all these stuff since my bf still got something that he must do.
So I surfed the internet and started karaoke-ing with YouTube help :')

Several years later........
Yeah, due to the lack of activity I could do in studio, I decided to climbed the roof..
Pretty messy and dusty actually, but oh well, even Tarzan looks cool on his dirty thong

And~ look what I found B)
a refrigerator.
Top Elogy, Short Body & Soul, Shoes, Belt Cache & Cache, Shoes Converse

Anyway, I'm still entering Ideku Handmade First July Giveaway! AAA.
I'm counting every second to its closing and I really do wish to win the giveaway.
Imagining the super duper fierce AquaPix ToyCam. GYA! lol..
So please please pray for me ;;)x
lol, well
Nighty Vampires!

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