Hello Strangers,

This blog was actually created to be my bowl where I can put everything in it.
and when I said everything, I really mean every-single-thing by that
Seems like this tiny little head of mine need a big cool box to shared its overloaded things

I have this very deep passion in literature, art, craft, photography, culture, and history since I was a kid
So I guess you'll find lots of my post rambling about those things in the future
Ah, and I think I might have a lot of outfit post too since my bf is a freelance photographer
and don't know why, he really likes to use me as his model even I'm very far away from being a photogenic

Further more, I pretty much believe that this blog will be used as an exclusive rehab for me as well
Because you see,
I'm not crazy enough to be put at a rehab, and honestly, I do think I'm not that sane enough either
But oh well, it's not something you guys have to understand after all
Sane or insane I still as sweet as your sweets and as bitter as your dark chocolate
Judge me, love me, hate me, talkback me, choose it yourself, but make sure you choose the right one ;)

Well, take a look around, keep up to date with my ramblings on my blog,
have a look at some of my diy art & craft, or stop by my website for a happy shopping
And please, don't be a stranger to a strange mini creature like me..
Because strange is relative, isn't it?

Take care and have fun Strangers!
Ola, the Strange Mini Creature


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